Organized Home Series: Guest Bedroom

What better way to welcome guests into your home that with an inviting and comfortable temporary retreat. I knew I always wanted to have a space in my home ready for visiting friends, family and acquaintances. Whether you are converting an existing space or have an extra bedroom, here are some of the essential for creating a great guest bedroom.

Julies Guest Bedroom1

Julies Guest Book

Keep the guest room clean and basic. The nightstands have an alarm clock and a notepad. I also leave a guestbook for them to sign in and write about their stay!

Julies Guest Blanket

Guests often throw their suitcases, purses, shoes, etc. onto the end of the bed right when they arrive. A neat trick I picked up from hotels – keep a blanket at the foot of the bed and this will help keep your bedspread clean! It’s much easier to wash a blanket than a nice bedspread.

Julies Guest Closet

I took the doors off the closet so it easier for guests – plus it’s great for small spaces. I keep a few extra hangers, pillows, blankets and accessories in the closet.

Julies Guest Sheets

Julies Guest Luggage Rack

A set of extra sheets are kept in a closet drawer so guests can strip and re-make the bed at the end of their stay. Then it’s ready to go again! A luggage rack is also a nice addition to any guest space. Guests won’t have to kneel on the floor or place the suitcase on the bed every time they want to access their clothing.

Julies Guest Chair

Julies Guest Shelf

The room isn’t large, but I’ve managed to create a cozy seating area with plenty of open shelving for guests and their belongings.

Julies Guest Robe

Julies Ladder

I’ve maximized the space by using behind the door! A few finishing touches – a comfortable robe and reading material on a ladder. Thanks for checking out another week of the Organized Home Series! I would love to hear your ideas for creating the perfect guest room. See you next week!