Our Team

Lauren Godfrey

Lauren grew up in Whatcom County, but married and started her family while living in a 700 square foot cabin in Alaska. Lauren has always had a passion for organization but raising two young girls in a small space-challenged her to think creatively to make the space function for her household. Over the years she renovated and expanded the cabin alongside her husband adding even more usable space. Lauren moved back to Whatcom county in 2018 and fulfilled her dream of running an organizing company by taking over Organized at Last in 2019. She brings a unique vision to the company and has the ability to walk into a room and instantly visualize how to improve the functionality of the space. She listens carefully to clients’ needs and believes in bringing beautiful design into every organized space.

Robin Blue
Professional Organizing Consultant
Robin grew up in Whatcom County and attended Grinnell College, in Grinnell Iowa. She majored in fine arts and brings her artistic design aesthetic to every job. She is the mother of four children which has taught her the importance of living with less.
Her caring personality and passion to help others make her an invaluable asset to our team of organizers.