Organized Home Series: The Master Suite

This week in the Organized Home series is all about the master suite. Your master bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place to go relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

I’ve seen countless disorganized and uninviting master bedrooms. The rooms lacked cohesive design and became the dumping ground for random furniture. Don’t let that happen! With a small budget, effort and some design savvy, you can make your bedroom suite a retreat.

Julies Bed

This is how I live everyday, there is nothing staged in these photos.¬†Simple white linens allow the space to be easily updated by just changing out the accent color. For the summer, I’ve added a beautiful painting from Pier 1, and some colorful coral accents like the blanket and throw pillow.

Julies Purse

The coral accents continue to the small seating area. The round bin on the stand hides magazines and a wicker basket stores my boots or bags.

Julies TV

This dresser houses DVDs, towels for the hot tub, and extra linens. As seen throughout my home, trays are used for containing just about anything.

Julies Closet

Our closet isn’t perfect. What our closet lacks for in size, it makes up for with function! Built-ins make the most of the space. Cubbies are perfect for totes, purses, sweaters, and jeans. I like cubbies instead of dressers because you can easily see what you have. The slimline hangers are from Costco.

Steves Closet

Rod doublers are a great space saver.

Julies Bins

A good rule of thumb: anything that doesn’t show on the outside of your body doesn’t need to be folded! Toss underwear, socks, slips, swimsuits, and pajamas into labeled grommet totes.

Julies Travel bin

I keep one large grommet tote stored at the top of my closet for travel necessities.

When we renovated our bathroom, we changed the layout and stayed with a neutral color palette. The result was a spa-like bathroom with great storage.

Julies Mirror

The shelf on the mirror utilizes vertical storage and is a great option for small bathrooms.

Julies Birds

Julies Tub

I use flower pots all over my house. They are inexpensive, versatile solutions for night stands, kitchens, offices, and even bathrooms.

Julies Towels

Towel hooks are much better than towel rods. I’ve found that towels dry quicker and you can take advantage of the vertical space by hanging more towels than you would on a towel rod. Besides the two striped hot tub towels, the rest are white ones from Costco. White towels are universal no matter your bathroom decor and are easier to keep clean.

Julies Cabinet

I keep labeled totes in this cabinet for medicine, bath products, and any extras. Having everything contained and labeled makes it easy to find something and returning it to its proper home.

Julies Sign

A little inspiration to leave you with. I hope you get some ideas for creating your dream master suite. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Keep the color palette simple, maximize your storage options and reduce the clutter. See you next week!

Happy Organizing!