Organized Home Series: Laundry Room

It’s the last week in my Organized Home Series! I hope you have enjoyed the tour through my home. As you can see, I try to practice what I preach and teach. Many of my organizing solutions are practical and functional for anyone in any size of home. If you have any questions about any of the rooms in this series, please feel free to email me!

The last room we are focusing on is the laundry room. If you’re home has a designated laundry/mudroom area or even a simple closet, the ideas here will work for any space.

Julies Laundry Room

I have lots of countertop space in my laundry room which is great for folding and creates a drop zone for extra groceries. A hanging rod is essential in any laundry room. If you can, do a built in one (shown) or use a tension rod in smaller spaces.

Julies Shoerack

With three boys, I needed a home for many types of shoes. This cubby system has worked great and fits larger sizes.

Julies Baskets

I found these baskets at Fred Meyer and they work great for overflow items. They can also hold gloves, hats, and scarves. Since I have them on a high shelf, they are clearly labeled so I know what is in them. Luggage tags are another great label idea for baskets – look for them on my Shopping page.

Julies Gift Station

A hanging craft station in a laundry room is a great space saver and easily visible. These clear labeled bins hook right onto the rod and make wrapping gifts a breeze.

Julies Coat Rack

A coatrack is another essential for a laundry room, mudroom, or entryway. Find one that has lots of hooks and shelf space. The top shelf is another great space for seasonal gear and a small basket is great place for keys. Having designated homes for items will help  you and your family develop simple organizational habits and save you time.

Julies Whiteboard

It’s the little things that make a huge difference. This simple white board is attached to the door leading to the garage. It’s a great spot to write daily reminders, grocery lists, and notes to my kids or spouse.

Julies Door Rack

On the opposite door leading to the hallway, I have a shoe organizer and a hook. These are great for more seasonal items, kids toys, lightweight shoes, and travel accessories. The door hook is a great spot for shopping bags or work totes. Again, everything has a home.

Julies Laundry Bins

A labeled rolling cart keeps my laundry contained and sorted. I love figuring out how I can simplify the steps it takes to do something, so I transfer my laundry soap to an open clear container. I just scoop, pour and done! No messy, heavy, awkward box to deal with.

Julies Laundry Trash

I’ve been in so many client laundry rooms where there was a tiny garbage can sitting on top of the dryer. Those don’t function very well if you have to empty them daily, especially if you have kids! Get a large garbage can!

Julies Garage Bins

Lastly, buy a couple garbage cans or large bins and store them in your laundry room or garage. Label them consign and donate ( I also have a shred barrel for paperwork). It is so much easier to part with things if you can get it of your house immediately. When the garbage bag gets full, just pull it out and throw it in the back of your car. I’ve been doing this at my house since my kids were little. When they outgrew clothes or toys they immediately went into one of the bins. I’ve made so much money over the years selling things on consignment!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series! Happy Organizing!