Holiday Home Tours: Sasha

Welcome to the last week of the OAL Holiday Home Tours! This week we are featuring Sasha’s beautiful home! Sasha uses white decor, natural greens and sparkly vignettes to make her house feel festive.


Above is Sasha’s guest room and wrapping station that she creates each year. The wrapping is all tucked away in drawers and baskets. There is under bed storage for gifts in waiting.


Furniture from a different part of the home is re-purposed for the season as an entry table. 



The front entry remains uncluttered and inviting with a simple display, art and seasonal storage.


The chalkboard door gets an easy update with a wreath, homemade pom-poms, and vintage bells.


Lots of ideas in this room! Don’t have room for a tree? Consider a small tree in a container. Consider securely hanging old skis, snowshoes or sleds as wall decor. Make the space inviting with textured pillows and throws.


Handpainted ornaments in a bowl grace the coffee table.


The entertainment center and bookshelves are are not over cluttered and decorated simply with a few pops of greenery. That’s all it takes!


We hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas in the OAL Holiday Home Tours. If you have any questions or would like some help decorating your home this holiday season, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wishing you joy and happiness this Christmas! 

Holiday Home Tours: Becca

Welcome back to the OAL Holiday Home Tours! This week we are featuring Becca’s house.

With it’s small spaces, Becca has to be careful not to overdo the decor and be mindful of storage. By buying neutral pieces, she is able to re-use things year after year. 


We created a gallery wall in our living room with thrift store art, greenery and baskets.


A cozy throw and a fresh wreath from Trader Joes are all this corner needs.


Ikea pillow covers and this adorable deer pillow from Grandiflora Home and Garden are simple, neutral additions to the couch.


A flocked pencil tree is perfect for small living spaces. 


A wooden bowl filled with ornaments and copper lights are the centerpiece for this dining banquette.


In the kitchen, Trader Joes cedar garlands look and smell amazing for the whole month of December.


Ikea wreaths dress up this pantry. Use command hooks to hang decor and you’ll avoid damaging your surfaces.


In the only bathroom, Becca continues the deer theme with a small ornament and print she found online.

Thanks for touring Becca’s house. Have questions? Please feel free to comment! And remember the OAL team can help you with your holiday decor, party prep and gift wrapping! 

We will see you next week when we feature Sasha’s house on the OAL Holiday Home Tours.

Holiday Home Tours: Kristin

Welcome to the OAL Holiday Home Tours series! Contrary to the home tours you see on Pinterest, our homes are all about showing simple, soothing ideas to decorate your home so you can enjoy the holidays without the chaos and clutter. So without further ado…

Welcome to Kristin’s Holiday Home tour!


Right as you come in the door, you’re greeted with this charming entry vignette. A simple grouping contained on a plate makes for a charming display.


Struggling with your mantle? Kristin used neutral colors, unique party lights and a simple tree to make hers festive. Hint: remove your everyday items before adding your Christmas decor.



Her dining table is ready to host a gathering with this beautiful dough bowl filled with ornaments as the centerpiece.


You can never go wrong with white candles in any display!


This cozy sitting area needs nothing more than a simple wreath window treatment!


In her kitchen, the chalkboard gets a quick and elegant makeover with the drawing and garland.


In her living room,  Kristin’s color palette is primarily white and grey. The tree is covered in family ornaments and contained in a galvanized bucket. With two young boys and a dog in the house, Kristin doesn’t over accessorize or clutter her surfaces. Setup and cleanup is a breeze, leaving her more time to spend with her family.

If you would like help this holiday season, please give OAL a call! We will see you next week when we tour Becca’s house. 

Quiet the Holiday Chaos

Quiet the chaos of holiday decoration clutter this year.  Consider hiring our team to streamline and decorate your home for the holiday season, while minimizing your current decor in storage containers as we go.  Experts say that we’re never more overstimulated by sights, sounds, and smells, than during the month of December.  Your home should be a calm oasis amidst that chaos.  All too often, our homes get so over-done, we feel the desire to un-decorate half way through the month.  We can get trapped into thinking that because we have a treasured collection from Great Aunt Alice, (along with many other collected items from years past) we must display everything we own during the holiday season. Overwhelmed, we often place holiday decor alongside our everyday decor and our homes burst with excess.  This leads to chaotic surfaces and makes our eyes tired, aching for a clean spot to land. Another consideration, is how often we get stuck in our own spaces, because we’ve always put the wreath in the same spot, or moved the furnishings just so, in order to accommodate the tree.

When our team arrives, we’ll have a fresh perspective and help you make the most of what you already have and love.  We might suggest arrangements you’ve not thought of, or new ways to display your treasures.  If you have a family tradition of decorating the tree together, we can do the rest and leave that part for you.  Our team will work with you and your budget, to do as much or as little as you’d like. If you have a special place where you typically place a beloved holiday item, we’ll work alongside you to carry on those decorating traditions. If you struggle with making your holiday home a peaceful oasis, we’ve even got you covered with a variety of package options, along with several add-on services such as gift wrapping and storage solutions.  Consider this a gift that will keep on giving all through the holiday season, allowing you the freedom to make memories unfettered by the burdens of too much clutter in your home. Want to learn more about how you can clear the holiday chaos? Join us for Julie’s class, Simplifying the Holidays, coming up on November 16th. In one evening, Julie will cover decorating, gift giving, entertaining, and making the most of your time with family.

The first ten people to schedule with us will be put into a drawing for a FREE after Christmas clean-up and re-decorating!

Packages include:

*The Stocking Stuffer:
 Halls, entries, front doors, kitchens. Perfect for the smaller spaces in your home that you’d like our team to briefly de-clutter, wipe-clean and decorate with just a touch of holiday festivity. ~$250
*The Jewelry Box: 
This is the one that gets your attention and rightly so. We’ll concentrate our efforts in your main living space, often a family room or living room. When we’ve finished adding our touches of sparkle to this space, it’s going to be the primary space you’ll want to gather in all season long. This package includes general de-cluttering, quick cleaning and then fully decorating the surfaces in your family’s living space.  We’ll pay special attention to things like fireplace mantles, furniture placement, wall hangings, fresh greens, window wreaths, shelves, bookcases, tabletops, etc.  ~$350
*The Santa’s Sleigh:
This is the whole space.  It’s ideal for the client who wants our team to tackle their entire home and create a calming, yet festive environment for them. We’ll work to minimize some of your everyday decor and store it away until after the holiday.  That will make room for your holiday items and help to make them the focus.  We’ll work in most of your spaces to arrange furnishings, clean a little as we add items, and place your carefully unwrapped treasures throughout while you simply enjoy the process.  ~$400

Add-on or stand alone decorating and services could include some or all (additional charges apply):

*Trim the Tree:
We’ll use your decorations and place them lovingly on your tree.
*The Bow on Top:
We can tackle additional rooms in your home such as guest rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms to add festive touches throughout.
*Ornament storage solutions:
We’ll bring some containers and storage solutions for your items so you’ll be prepared to pack your ornaments away at the end of the season.
*Supplying Fresh greens:
Such as cedar garlands, mistletoe, wreaths, berries, etc.
*Pack up and put away:
Call us back in January and we’ll pack your holiday items away, wipe down dusty surfaces, and place your everyday items back around.
*Chalkboard holiday art/text:
If you have a chalkboard surface we can add a festive holiday message or chalk art as a custom add-on.
*Hot cocoa/beverage station set up:
 Three piece glass jar set filled with cocoa, marshmallows, candy canes or red & white straws.
*Gift Wrapping:
Simply set out your gifts, and include a post-it with the recipient’s name.  Choose from one of our three coordinated gift wrap choices, or provide your own.  We’ll take care of the rest and make sure your items are tagged.

Welcome Fall!

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness and truth.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

To welcome fall I have put together a list of a few really quick things that you can do today to make home and life a little sweeter!


  1. Brighten your front door! (Add a ‘hello’ sign, I purchased mine at JoAnns for $2 on clearance).
  2. Reevaluate how you use your furniture. Can a dresser be repurposed and used in your entry to store items that you need everyday?
  3. Remove 10 things that you no longer need from your home and donate them to your favorite charity.
  4. Bin or hang your clean clothing instead of folding everything. I don’t fold anything that doesn’t matter…sleepwear, tanks, underwear, leggings etc.
  5. Clean your trash can by pouring 1 cup of bleach into the bottom and letting it sit for an hour. Then just swish and rinse.
  6. Rearrange your living room and add additional lighting (this is especially important as we head into the darker months).
  7. Choose an inspiration piece and do some simple redesign based on that piece. ( I love to shop for clients based on their inspiration… a small piece of art, a pillow or a favorite fabric).
  8. Paint something for a fresh new look. (I recently spray painted an ugly tray so that I can continue to use it.)
  9. Use hooks everywhere! In your bathroom, in your closets, in your entry. Hooks are much easier to use then hangers!
  10. Invite friends/family over for a simple meal and a special time of face to face connection.

If you are searching for ways to create a life with less stuff and more meaning than join me for The Simply Organized Home Class or Simplifying the Holidays Class.

If your home or office needs some freshening up the OAL team is talented and full of crazy redesign skills which can save you from costly remodeling mistakes! Contact us today!

Summarizing Summer

“If who we are and who we love doesn’t come before what we have and what we buy, then there can be no balance or peace in our lives”.    –Peter Walsh

You may have noticed I haven’t sent anything out in quite some time.  Summer was full of fun life events for my family.  In June my youngest son was married to his college sweetheart and in early August my middle son and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our hearts and lives.  Business continued throughout the summer, with just a few interruptions.


As summer winds down and many of you gear up for a new school year, the pace of life increases.   Creating some end of summer order will keep chaos from reigning as we head into fall.  My boys are all grown now but my favorite tips for simplifying home/life continue to serve me well.

  • Eliminate extra clothing.  Believe it or not most of us only wear 20% of what we own.  Keep the favorites and consign or donate the rest.  A simple capsule wardrobe (found in the book “Lessons From Madam Chic” by Jennifer L. Scott) is so refreshing and easy to manage. 
  • Clean the pantry!  Summer’s end is the perfect time to clear out old crackers, snacks, stale nuts and anything else that has been sitting on the shelf far too long.  Donate the good stuff (your excess and extra’s)  to your local food bank.  It feels so good to eliminate when you are helping others!
  • Cull the paperwork!  A new school year means a whole lot of incoming paperwork.  Get ahead now by clearing out files, drawers, desktops and any other place where piles accumulate.  Recycle or shred.
  • Declutter the common spaces.  People often ask me “Where do I begin, my home is such a mess”?  My answer is always the same…begin with decluttering.  Clutter really can’t be organized, but simpler spaces with less stuff can be.  If it isn’t something you love or need then part with it!

Remember, spending just a short amount of time each day on these simple tasks will bring hours of peace as you head into a new school year.  If it all feels like too much then please contact us.  The OAL team is fast, efficient  and fun and most jobs can be completed in about 3 hours.  

If getting organized seems daunting then maybe a class is just what you need.  Join me as I share almost 30 years of my expertise for simplifying, organizing and decorating on a budget.  
Fall classes are are now open!