OAL Team Outdoor Spaces: Becca

Welcome friends! I’m excited to share my outdoor space with you. I went with an Americana feel with red, white and blue. My front porch is very small and on a busy street. I tried to keep it simple, but still inviting.

Becca Outdoors 9


I recently built this shelf after seeing something similar in a magazine. It fits the space perfectly. I updated our rusty mailbox with spray paint. All my plants are perennials which eliminates spending money year after year on annuals. I love to garden and it’s a fun way to add color and texture.

Becca Outdoors 6

We recently tore off a rotting deck on the backside of our house. It really opened it up and we were able to create a space with a dining area and a fire pit. My husband built the wooden sectional, dining table and benches, and the pallet buffet. All of it was less expensive than store bought sets and will last a very long time!

Becca Outdoors 12

Get outside this summer! Lawn games are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. This is a fun set from my in-laws.

Becca Outdoors 1

I love having a few entertaining supplies on hand (these are from Grandiflora Home & Garden). I also re-use berry boxes – they’re great inexpensive organizers!

Becca Outdoors 16_Fotor

Becca Outdoors 3

I made this fountain last year with rock from our property, a bucket from a client and a gazing ball from Fred Meyer. Inexpensive and the sound is so soothing.

Becca Outdoors 4

My pillows are from Costco and Pier1. Make sure to buy ones that have weather resistant fabric and store them properly once the season is over.

Becca Outdoors 13

I think trays are an essential multi-use item for any outdoor space.  This enamel one contains some of our BBQ supplies.

Becca Outdoors 14

Outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be fancy. Throw something on the BBQ, brew a jug of sun tea and purchase a pie at a local bakery.

Becca Outdoors 15

Isn’t this cake topper adorable?? (Again, found at Grandiflora).

Becca Outdoors 10

Good night and enjoy the warm summer evenings!