Your messiness could win you $100!

Does a mess like this live on your counter, explode in your closet, or reside in another area of your home?


Well, your clutter could pay off and win you $100 worth of organizing services! Here’s how it works:


1. Take a photo of the messiest space in your home. Don’t be scared; we can guarantee you we’ve seen worse.

2. Post it on our business facebook page at

Please describe what is challenging about this area and how your life would be different if you could get it under control.

3. Make sure to submit your entry by the end of June.

We will begin judging and announce the winner on the business page, as well as notify them through a private message.

4. The winner will receive $100 of in home organizing services with the team from Organized at Last.


Call or email us today for more information. Offer valid in Whatcom County only.