Time Management

Julie Sign

Time cannot be managed. Learn to manage yourself and use time well.

1. Set Your Priorities

    • Use one streamlined system such as your smart phone or planner to establish your priorities (parenting, exercise, work, academics, etc.)  Schedule everything with integrity, commitment and flexibility.

2. Become a Manager

    • A good manager doesn’t do all the work themselves. Delegate and model what needs to happen.

3. Be Aware of Your Time Drainers

    • Computer, TV, phone, etc. For kids, set a timer during these activities so they are not overused. For adults, be mindful of the amount of time you spend doing various activities. If it helps, set timers, unsubscribe from junk mail and limit the number of social media sites you are involved with.

4. Shopping/Streamline Your Errands

    • Shop with a list so you don’t waste time. Avoid busy hours and group your errands together to save time and gas.

5. Leave Time For The Unexpected

    • We can’t always account for traffic, emergencies, and accidents. Get in the habit of leaving early and keep water, snacks and things to do in your car.

6. Learn To Say “NO”

7. Time Saving Ideas

    • Planning is easier nowadays because of the  iCloud system. You can create notes and lists and it  automatically syncs with all of your devices. When you hear of a book you want to read, enter the tittle in your phone. Keep an ongoing Costco and grocery list. Keep track of measurements, paint colors and other household info. all on your smartphone.
    • Create a weekly or monthly meal plan…keep your plan and your meals simple!
    • Pre-purchase cards, gift cards and a few simple consumable gifts for last minute events such as hostess gifts or birthdays.