Quick Cleaning Tips

It is hard to believe June is almost here! Certainly a busy time of year for most of us with graduations, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and the start of summer. Let’s keep our homes clean so we can spend more time doing what we love!

cleaning equipment in a bucket

Here are a few of my favorite easy clean-up tips:

  • Start small; clean one thing in your home each day. Put together a small bin of basic cleaning supplies to make it easier!
  • Use a good doormat or rug at each entrance of your home. This will cut down about 80% of dirt that enters your home.
  • Eliminate the clutter.
  • Use “green” cleaning solutions. Stop with the disposable cleaning products-they are expensive and wasteful. Use refillable/reusable products.
  • Reward yourself with fresh flowers after you clean a trouble spot.

What are your favorite cleaning tips?