Organized Home Series: The Dining Room

Welcome back to the second week in our Organized Home Series. This week I’m taking you through the dining room. The dining room is often a multi-purpose room and the hub for entertaining, especially during the holidays. Here are my tips and tricks for keeping the room easily organized and functional.

Julies Plant

Julies Dining Room

Julies Expanding Table

Our dining table is simple, yet functional. When we have a large group, I just simply pull out the hidden leaves. Now the table seats eight people comfortably! And the best part is I don’t have to store heavy and awkward table leaves.

Julies Hutch

Julies Hutch Cupboards

My hutch contains extra dishes for entertaining. Try to avoid stuffing your hutch full of knick-knacks and seldom used dishes. You want to be able to easily reach each item.

Julies Wine Cabinet

Julies Wine

Designate cupboards to fit your lifestyle. Because I love to entertain, I’ve created a drink cabinet with all the necessities. Everything is within reach of the dining table.

Julies Paper Products

I have a set of cupboards for extra disposable dinnerware contained in these IKEA bins. They work great and are an amazing price. The cupboards also contain the following:

Julies Games

Julies Candles

Julies Placemats

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about anything you see here or your own dining room. See you next week when we discuss the next room in my Organized Home Series: The Living Room. Happy Organizing!