Organized Home Series: The Kitchen

This is the first week in my new blog series: Organized Home. Each week will feature a new room in my home with pictures and tips for each space. We will start with the kitchen. I’ve photographed the most common storage solutions in my kitchen.

Julies Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home; a natural gathering place for people. Don’t overwhelm the space with too many gadgets and accessories.

Julie Living Room

Design your kitchen to fit your needs. When we remodeled our kitchen, I wanted a couch instead of a breakfast nook. It is a popular spot to read, relax or converse.

Julie Cupboard

Shelf doublers provide extra storage for dishes. Purchase dishes that stack easily.

Julie Plastic Drawer

Plastics and bowls. Pare down what you need to the basics, contain the lids together and stack the rest.

Julie Utensil Crock

A crock easily organizes your favorite utensils.

Julies Coffe Pot

Set your gadgets on a smooth surface (I use a cutting board) so they slide around easier on your countertops.

Julies Yellow Bowl

Contain your scrubbers in something attractive.

Julie Silverware Drawer

Use an organizer and plastic containers from Storables to maximize functionality in your silverware drawer.

Julie Spice Drawer

 Use a drawer insert to keep your spices organized and visible.

Julie Under Sink

Contain the cleaners under your sink for easy access. A non-slip rug or mat underneath the sink makes for easy clean up – just vacuum or throw in the washer!

Julie Baking Supplies

I keep all of my baking supplies in my lazy susan. Labeled Tupperware containers keep all of my baking supplies fresh.

Julie Towel

Julie Sign

Many of the products seen in my home are available for purchase on my Shop page. Feel free to ask me questions about kitchen organization. See you next week for the next room in the Organized Home series!