Though Organized at Last is the first such service I’ve ever used, I’m willing to bet that there could be no better one, and that what really makes Julie stand apart is her strong commitment to and passion for simplifying one’s life. She preaches that simplicity is life-giving and life-enhancing. It is clearly her calling.

I had felt stressed, overwhelmed, and immobilized by the mountains of stuff I had acquired over the years. I truly hate organizing and cleaning. In the first three-hour session, she and her incredibly efficient and courteous team cleared out the junk, making creative suggestions about how to repurpose and rearrange things. They effected drastic improvements in two of my rooms that would have taken me weeks to accomplish alone. Later I had another session with Julie about what to do with all my papers. She knows every trick in the book about filing. And thriftiness is of paramount importance to her. If you want, she will scour thrift stores to find used pieces that will enhance your home.

Julie’s warm and engaging personality also makes her a joy to work with, and her customer service is exceptional. She encourages you to contact her any time with questions or for advice and gives it her all. She is a really good person who wants to share what she has learned from her own personal experience, and she genuinely wants to help people improve their lives.

Hiring Julie is one of the best investments I’ve ever made–not that she charges a lot (in fact, her prices are very reasonable). She has given me the jump-start that I needed and the determination to create a tranquil, beautiful, and uncluttered home that will free up loads of time to do things that I WANT to do, instead of wasting hours looking for things and struggling to keep the place clean. I have been converted!