New Additions To OAL!

Please help us welcome the newest member of our OAL team – Sasha Brodeur! Sasha has been a good friend of mine for years. She is an amazingly organized person and I knew instantly that she was the perfect fit for us. I encourage you to read the bio she wrote and check out her blog – Lemonade Makin’ Mama!

sasha profile edited_Fotor

Hi I’m Sasha, a wife to my high school sweetheart and mother to a tween and a teen. I’m also a part time writer/blogger, amateur photographer and artist. I have always loved organizing and find that it comes fairly naturally to my personality. My favorite areas in life to use my organizational skills, are my studio and linen/entertaining closets.

My studio is ever-changing as I go through periods of different kinds of creativity. I love using attractive storage containers that allow me to see what I need and get to it quickly. I tend to prefer collecting antique blue ball jars with zinc lids and use them to corral items like wood alphabet stamps, stray ribbon pieces, small tubes of glitter, etc. Because I sell my artwork, I enjoy a studio space one where my creativity is displayed as well as made. I only have a small space for the many creative projects I enjoy, but I have found that by staying organized and consistently re-thinking how it could work best for whatever season in life I’m in, it keeps my creativity flowing. You don’t need a ton of room to make a creative space work, you just need some well thought out organization.

As for my linen/entertaining closet, I love keeping easy to pull-out baskets stocked with the seasonal items I like to entertain with in there. For example, in the spring, I begin putting together a basket stocked specifically with outdoor utensils, plates, chargers, pretty napkins, votive candles and such. It makes impromptu entertaining a snap and only takes a few minutes to quickly restock at the end of the night, which keeps me organized for any function I’m inclined to host.

Because I’m a mom with two very active kiddos, organization is not only necessary, but it’s all about creating a long term solution for my needs that keeps my life simple in the short term (and often chaotic) moments. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Julie and Becca, to help others find that kind of peace in their daily spaces.