Toss That Paperwork!

Organizing Paperwork

It’s tax season again! As of January 16th, you could start filing. Now is a great time to sort through your files and weed out the unnecessary paperwork. At a loss as to where to begin? Start by getting a few bins and labeling them Shred, Recycle and Trash.

Then weed out the following:

  • Junk Mail – flyers, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, credit card applications, etc.
  • Expired Coupons
  • Old Greeting Cards
  • Old Grocery Receipts
  • Old Invitations
  • Expired Warranties and Service Contracts
  • Manuals – These can be found online!
  • Articles or Recipes  You Haven’t Used
  • Old Business Cards

Now toss these documents:

  • Taxes – 7 years and older
  • Checkbooks – Non tax related 1 Year and older
  • Pay Stubs – Toss all except cumulative statement after taxes are filed each year
  • Monthly Bills – Toss after each paid month

Don’t let paperwork get the best of you. As I’ve said before, take it one small section at a time each day until you’ve reached your goal.

“It’s the plugging away that will win you the day.” – Robert W. Service

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