Samantha And Isaac Konikoff

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you and Organized at Last has done for our house. We started with needing some rooms cleaned so that we could get ready for our second baby but then quickly realized it was now or never to tackle our garage as well.

The garage clean out paid for itself, literally! We found over $900 while going through boxes! A matured savings bond, old wedding gifts and some cash made the clean up that much sweeter.

I am also amazed at how much we have made at consignment shops. As we continue to go through things I continue to bring items and knowing the account is already set up makes it so much easier.

Thank you again for helping us get rid of items that were 5 years plus causing clutter and now feeling like a weight has been lifted. A lot less clutter and a few more outfits for the new baby 🙂