Katie Hicks

My friend Carol and I both LOVED your class (February 2). I was so motivated and inspired that I stayed up until 3am following your class making improvements all around the house to make life more simple and EASIER for my 3-year old daughter to be independent and finish more of her own tasks. A double win! Also, I did appreciate your discussion of planners, and found a great one that fit my needs at Fairhaven Village Books for 50% off – my tardiness in planning paid off. What I took away from your class was a sincere approach to making life more livable, fun and simple. You have such great tips and you and your home are an absolute inspiration. Thank you for being such an incredible resource. I have told ALL of my family members about you, including I just emailed my stepmom your details because she was especially interested in a future class.

I wish you all the best and thank you so much for your sincere and open approach to your work and life.