Hope Bloomfield

If you are planning to move or have just moved, or simply need some organizing, I have the perfect resource. It is a company called Organized At Last and was founded by CEO Julie Clarke. I have used them several times to help me unpack and get settled in my home. Unconditionally I can say Julie’s team did an amazing job for me. Julie’s assistant Gen is a jewel and the other ladies are incredible. I am so grateful for them!

Truly, you will be amazed at what a wonderful job the will do for you. Besides being so hard working, the ladies are efficient, courteous and willing to make you experience with Organized At Last as pleasant as possible. Frankly, I don’t think you could find a company that would treat you as well as Organized At Last nor be as ethical and honest.

Julie Clarke is an incredible woman, who has built a company based on her own strong, ethical character, plus years of experience in the field of organizing. In addition, Julie hired people who would mirror her own personal standard of ethics and integrity. She is very serious about the quality of work performed by her team and I must say they do not let her down.

Again, I can confidently recommend Organized At Last. You will not be disappointed, but I warn you that you might become life-long friends with Julie and her staff. They are truly lovely people.