Streamlining Your Space

Front Deck

We live in a land of plenty and for many people ‘enough’ never seems to ‘be enough’. As we enter the warmer season, my challenge for you is to think about what it is that really makes you happy? It seems to me that the road between possessing things and things possessing us, is very short.

Consider for a moment…

1. De-cluttering. Instead of purchasing more, what if you spend some time this week eliminating, sorting and organizing? Each time we help a client do this we discover lost checks, gift cards, cash, and plenty of new items they didn’t even know they had!

2. Creating additional space. Can you eliminate some furniture from your living space or some toys/clothing from your kids rooms? We helped organize a garage in four hours and reclaimed over 400 square feet of space. The comment from our client was, “I wish I would have done this months (or years) ago!”.

3. Re-inventing your existing space. What can you do with what you already own to create a more beautiful, functional space? Consider rearranging your furniture and lowering your artwork to eye level. This simple change can transform a room! De-clutter your space completely, do away with the knick knacks and fill your home with the things you truly love.

Ready to get started?