Super Secondhand Shopping

The weather quickly got cooler this week in the beautiful pacific NW! Time to switch my closet from summer to fall. I did pull out a few items but also realized that my fall/winter wardrobe was lacking. So instead of racing to the mall, I visited one of my favorite consignments stores. In about 30 minutes and 0$ later, I had plenty of new items to keep me warm, comfortable and hopefully in style (the young girls who work for me assured me I had done well:)

Here is what I found…1 shirt dress, 1 sweater dress, 2 sweaters and 1 long sleeve tunic top. All but 1 of the items I found were half price and my total receipt came to $29.34 including tax. I had store credit so my total was $0.00! Using other items that I already own like boots, jeans, leggings, jewelry etc. here is a sampling of my new outfits…

2014.10 Julies Outfit1

This is a great casual dress for cool fall days.

2014.10 JuliesOutfit4

This can be dressed up or dressed down with boots or flats. What a find!

2014.10 JuliesOutfit3


2014.10 JuliesOutfit7

I love this top with jeans and my navy boots.

2014.10 JuliesOutfit2

Coral has to be one of my favorite colors. It’s perfect with this scarf!

2014.10 JuliesOutfit5

I love this cozy cowl neck sweater. It’s a great staple to have in any wardrobe!

2014.10 JuliesOutfit6

And the best part? Seeing the total on my receipt!

2014.10 JuliesReceipt

I love consignment shopping so much. There is no guilt in spending no $ (or very little $ if you don’t have any credit to use), there is almost no packaging to deal with, and when I get tired of my purchases I re-consign them :-). Although I can afford to purchase new, I really get so much more joy from shopping used. Most of all, I love knowing that with all the $ I save on second hand purchases my husband and I are able to travel and share experiences that are far more rewarding and valuable than a new designer outfit. The team at Organized at Last is happy to help you find a new wardrobe, or create a beautiful new space using amazing second hand finds!

What do you love most about consignment shopping?