Summarizing Summer

“If who we are and who we love doesn’t come before what we have and what we buy, then there can be no balance or peace in our lives”.    –Peter Walsh

You may have noticed I haven’t sent anything out in quite some time.  Summer was full of fun life events for my family.  In June my youngest son was married to his college sweetheart and in early August my middle son and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our hearts and lives.  Business continued throughout the summer, with just a few interruptions.


As summer winds down and many of you gear up for a new school year, the pace of life increases.   Creating some end of summer order will keep chaos from reigning as we head into fall.  My boys are all grown now but my favorite tips for simplifying home/life continue to serve me well.

  • Eliminate extra clothing.  Believe it or not most of us only wear 20% of what we own.  Keep the favorites and consign or donate the rest.  A simple capsule wardrobe (found in the book “Lessons From Madam Chic” by Jennifer L. Scott) is so refreshing and easy to manage. 
  • Clean the pantry!  Summer’s end is the perfect time to clear out old crackers, snacks, stale nuts and anything else that has been sitting on the shelf far too long.  Donate the good stuff (your excess and extra’s)  to your local food bank.  It feels so good to eliminate when you are helping others!
  • Cull the paperwork!  A new school year means a whole lot of incoming paperwork.  Get ahead now by clearing out files, drawers, desktops and any other place where piles accumulate.  Recycle or shred.
  • Declutter the common spaces.  People often ask me “Where do I begin, my home is such a mess”?  My answer is always the same…begin with decluttering.  Clutter really can’t be organized, but simpler spaces with less stuff can be.  If it isn’t something you love or need then part with it!

Remember, spending just a short amount of time each day on these simple tasks will bring hours of peace as you head into a new school year.  If it all feels like too much then please contact us.  The OAL team is fast, efficient  and fun and most jobs can be completed in about 3 hours.  

If getting organized seems daunting then maybe a class is just what you need.  Join me as I share almost 30 years of my expertise for simplifying, organizing and decorating on a budget.  
Fall classes are are now open!