Storage Solution Series: Becca

Hi and welcome to Becca’s space! You may have seen some of this before, but we want to reiterate a few key storage solution ideas that may work for your space!

Becca Home 5

In her pantry, Becca uses mason jars with labels on the lids to house all of her dried goods. Its easy to see when she is running low on something and refills her jars easily by buying in small amounts in the bulk section of the grocery store. Baskets are great for holding snacks and baking goodies. They look clean, tidy and are easy to pull out. The cupboards below house all the seldom used appliances.

Becca Home 11

These drawers in the office/pantry area contain office supplies, paper, art supplies and electronics. Again she used mason jars and trays from Target to contain everything.


This extra long drawer is a gift wrapping station! She only keeps what will fit and tosses the rest. Only keep one roll of wrapping paper per holiday or, even better, just buy kraft paper and decorate it with ribbon!


Open shelving in a kitchen is great for everyday use items like plates, mugs and mixing bowls.


The laundry room is small, but functional. Cupboards above and to the side of the washer and dryer hold cleaning supplies, pet supplies and extra linens. There are no extra closets in the bathroom or hallway, so this is it for storage! Keep it simple and streamlined with white bath towels and baskets to contain rags and dirty laundry. Use what you have – things don’t have to match or be perfect!


In the master bedroom, Becca uses an armoire for all of her clothes. It is the best system! She doesn’t have to fold hardly anything and she can see what she has year round! She keeps a list inside the armoire of clothes to purchase so she can maintain her time capsule wardrobe.



Jewelry is displayed using an old drawer. Small cups hold stud earrings, brooches, rings and watches. By having everything visible, Becca wears jewelry more often!

Overall, visibility is key. You’re less likely to go out and purchase something when you can see you already have it or can easily find it because it has a designated home.

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