Starting Fresh

Happy New Year!

What excites you most about a new year?

Is it the opportunity to start fresh?

Are you looking forward to making healthier choices in 2017?

Do you hope to finally do something with all of your old boxes of photos and the thousands of digital photos on your phone?

Are you planning to get more ORGANIZED in the new year?

Whatever your dreams are for 2017 we applaud you and want to support you with hands on organizing help as well as some great classes if you need some motivation/ ideas to do it yourself.  

 The Simply Organized Home:  (offered quarterly for the past 28 years) will include  classroom instruction as well as a very personal tour of two homes to give you a clear, hands on approach to simplifying  your home and organizing your life.  Not Pinterest perfect, just real life!

“This class was exceptional. It gave me new perspective on an organized life. Julie walked us through how to organize each room in our houses with tips for keeping it simple and well thought out and then she showed us her own home and how she lives out what she teaches. It was the catalyst for a complete overhaul in my own home. I have implemented so much of what she taught me. Even as a working mom of 4 kids I can maintain a clean and organized home. Thank you Julie. We are all benefitting from a simpler, less cluttered, and more organized home.”  – Kimberlee Barnes

The Simply Organized Home class will also be offered in Puyallup on Jan. 28th. Email Julie for more information.

Meals Made Simple: This class will cover the basics for simple meal planning and preparation using just a few fresh ingredients and some clever short cuts that will have you cooking great meals in no time.

Organizing and Enjoying your Photos:  Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of photos you have stashed in boxes and stuffed in drawers?  What about digital images stuck on devices and are not sure what to do with them?  This class will give you clear and easy solutions so that you can begin enjoying all of those photos!


Coming in March, we are offering a One Room Giveaway! We will spend one day with you transforming your space, finding practical solutions, and clearing the clutter. What better way to kickoff your spring cleaning? Look for more details coming soon!