Marissa Matteson

Marissa has enjoyed organizing her whole life, she just didn’t realize it until adulthood! She was a messy child, but took pleasure in cleaning and organizing her best friend’s bedroom since they couldn’t play until it was done! As an adult, she had been organizing her friend’s homes for years, but felt aimless in choosing a career after her college graduation from Western in 2015 (B.S. in Psychology). These were fun projects for her, but she didn’t realize you could do it for a living.

One day, after a brainstorming session and a Google search she found Julie Clarke and Organized At Last, and she knew she had to be a part of this amazing mission to help people live emptier, fuller lives! She has a particular love for organizing bedrooms and closets, and she is often the go-to girl for heavy lifting and consignment (she practically lives at Labels!). She loves learning about design from the other women on the team and believes that an organized living space leads to an organized, and peaceful, mind. The feeling of giving another person peace in their home is like no other.”