Pumpkin Soup

Fall is a great time to experiment with new soup recipes. Here is one of my favorites from my friend Chris. She makes this every year for Halloween. It is delicious and easy! I am serving it with a salad and my easy Beer Bread (see recipe below pumpkin soup recipe).

Pumpkin Soup:

1/4 Cup butter

1 Large onion sliced

1/4 Cup green onion

2 Cups pumpkin puree

4 Cups chicken stock

Pinch of Curry powder

Pinch of Ginger

Pinch of Nutmeg

2 Cups of half & half

Melt Butter. Saute onions until tender and golden. Add pumpkin, chicken stock, curry, ginger and nutmeg. Simmer 20 minutes or so. Remove from the heat ad let cool down a bit. Use blender or food processor to puree and put back in pot. Add half & half  let it simmer (but don’t let it boil) for another 5 minutes. Garnish with green onion and sour cream or parsley sprigs.

Beer Bread:

3 Cups flour

1/2 Cups sugar

1 Teas. baking soda

1 Bottle of beer (I used a blonde ale, but you can make it with any kind)

Mix it together & bake at 350 for 1 hour.