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One Room Organizing Giveaway!


It’s the holiday season and time for our annual One Room Organizing Giveaway! We will spend one day with you transforming your space, finding practical solutions, and clearing the clutter. What better way to kickoff the new year?

To Enter: Please answer the following question in the comment section of this particular blog post. Keep it short!

Question: What room in your home is in need of a makeover and how would this make a difference for you?

The Rules: One entry per person please. The winner will be chosen and notified by email on Dec. 23rd!  Area restrictions apply (Whatcom County only).  Organizing product sold separately.


  1. I run my wedding floral business out of my home. My work area is large and spacious, and has some good pieces in it but needs a cohesive organizational theme that is easy to use. I would like it to have a more professional look. Thanks for considering this.:)

  2. My son’s bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover. When he turned 13, I told him we would make it into a teenage room. That was nearly 2 years ago and while we’ve made some progress it’s remained cluttered and unorganized. I feel like it’s unhealthy for him to grow up in that environment but I struggle with organization myself and haven’t been able to help him like I’d like to. A makeover would take a load off my mind and encourage my son to live a better way. He’d like to have a simple room, we just don’t know how to get there. Thank you.

  3. I would love to organize my kitchen. I have duplicates, things I don’t know what to do with and way to much of everything else. Now that it is just my husband and me at home (our two kids are away at college), I would love to entertain more and have a kitchen that I am proud of. It would de-stress my life so much to have a kitchen that I can find everything in and don’t have to be embarrassed about opening drawers or cupboards that things are falling out of.

    Thank you for considering me!

  4. It’s hard to decide whether my bedroom or my craftroom would benefit the most. My craftroom would help me be able to have time to myself in a more meaningful way.

  5. We have a 14 month old and a small house, and our furnace just gave out. :-(. Because our only heat source is a small gas fireplace, we need a way to help organize a place for her toys in the living room so she can play and stay warm.

  6. I would so appreciate receiving your magical organizing and decorating touch in our master bedroom . My new husband and I just built and moved into a house. Combining our individual needs and styles harmoniously has been a challenge. We have brought some semblance of mutually enjoyable order into the main living area of our house, but our master bedroom remains a disappointment. I cannot seem to bring the life to it that we would like.
    Although it is not a public area, it is our area and we have had some ‘discussions’ over what that should look like.
    Having a talented 3rd party come in and help with it will take the discussion from our personal sphere, which at times can have some baggage and need for control, to an objective perspective. This would help us move forward without pushing each others’ buttons and help us create a beautiful space that we both can enjoy.

  7. Our entire home needs a makeover, as we keep shifting our “stuff” from one room to another! The biggest help would be our living room, as this is where we spend most of our time together as a family. It would help give us a sense of peace and calmness, as well as be a springboard to being able to organize the other rooms.
    Thank you.

  8. Our home office. It doubles as the storage for our lives, everything ends up in the office and it is out of control. It makes it difficult to work, and is very stressful to the adults in the home. Having this organized would create more ease in our work, and much more time freedom, to enjoy our family.

  9. We have an all-in-one guest and storage room. Being recently married there is just a lot of stuff and it’s not usable. I’d love to make it work for both purposes somehow.

  10. This is amazing. I have been thinking about it all day. I know what some of our issues are and how to combat them, although another person would be great help with some of it. My biggest issue is the office area. I homeschool and have my own business. The paperwork is unorganized. It would save me time looking for things and stress of the paper trail. Thank you!

  11. Our garage is in dire need of a makeover. My husband was laid off 2 years ago and keeps thinking he is going to whip the garage into shape.
    He continues to tackle the disorganization, but doesn’t have the skills to organize and cull out.
    I think this would help him feel successful and have a place to work on projects.
    Keeping both cars in the garage is a priority for him, and we have managed to do so, despite the atrocity


  12. Our storage bedroom now needs to become a dual purpose room. We care for our 3 young grandchildren, 2 boys and a girl, several overnights per week.The girl is ready to have her own space, but your help is needed to assist in paring down the possessions in that storage bedroom. I have attempted to organize, but have not been successful, and need your professional help. The household would run smoother and needs could be better met with the organization of this dual space. Thank you for your consideration.

  13. I live in a studio apartment with very limited space. I have not had success with coming up with an effective means of organizing my small kitchen. I tend to avoid cooking because my kitchen is not currently user friendly, and I sometimes waste food or overbuy because I rarely have a good sense of what I have on hand due to my disorganization. Thank you for your consideration and Merry Christmas!

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