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One Room Organizing Giveaway!



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We’ve decided to end our 30 days of Simpler Holidays tips a few days early and offer a contest!

It’s the holiday season and we want to bless one lucky person with a one room organizing giveaway! This is the second year we are doing the giveaway due to its popularity last year! We will spend one day with you transforming your space, finding practical solutions, and clearing the clutter. What better way to kickoff the new year?

To Enter: Please answer the following question in the comment section of this particular blog post. Please keep it short!

Question: What room in your home is in need of a makeover and how would this make a difference for you?

The Rules: One entry per person please. The winner will be chosen and notified by e-mail on January 1st!  Area restrictions apply (Whatcom County only).  Organizing product sold separately.


  1. I would love to reorganize my bonus room. This room is not utilized as it should be in my home. It becomes a storage area where things do not have a place. I have made several attempts to organize it myself but it just doesn’t seem to work. I would like it to be a place for teenagers to gather to do homework, work on fun projects and hang out. Kids hang out at my house a lot and they always end up in my daughter’s bedrooms. I would like to keep a better eye/ear on them too. Having them in the bonus room would help. I could hear them without standing over them. Thank you for offering.

  2. Hi Julie!

    The room in my house that desperately needs a makeover is our office. There are piles and duplicate files everywhere, and I spend a good deal of time just trying to find something! I am great at making lists, not so good at organizing….since I work full time outside the home, I need to maximize my time in the office in a more efficient manner.


  3. My husband says his brain, I am thinking the studio!

    Not sure if you meant email or mail above, so my street mail goes to

    631 Clark Rd
    Bellingham, WA 98225

  4. My husband and I are moving into a studio apartment that is above the garage of a house he is currently building. It is a one room <400 square feet space for the two of us. Needless to say, staying organized in this small of a space will be a challenge. I don't know if this qualifies for the challenge, since we are not currently living there. We will be moving there after the new year and need help figuring out how to furnish and organize this small space.

  5. My boyfriend and I are combining households and we could use help in our living room. What stays and what goes from each of us? Where do we put whatever survives the purge? How can our united furniture, decorative items, and electronics all play nice together?

  6. Hi Julie! My master bedroom could definitely use a makeover! I want it to be my little relaxing haven from the rest of our house, but it always gets put on the back burner so it never gets done! We’ve had the same duvet cover since we got married 11 years ago, our bedside tables are cheap bookshelves that don’t hide anything. My dream is to be able to walk in there and feel at peace. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  7. I would love to have the family room in my basement organized. Right now it serves as a play area, storage for random things, food pantry and t.v. watching area. It would be nice to not be embarrassed by my downstairs. It’s so overwhelming!

  8. My husband and I have been married for just over one year. We are both in our 50’s and had separate households. Mine, a two bedroom with basement full of 21 years worth of “stuff” and his, a three bedroom that we now live in. Combining the two was a challenge as I needed to sort and purge so many things! We are still utilizing a small storage unit, much to our dismay! Our biggest challenge is our home office. This room has become the catchall space for things we don’t know how to deal with. If you peeked in the door today you would see stacks of storage bins, boxes of books, piles of things that need to be filed and artwork from his artist father that needs to be sorted. The closet hides a boxes of odds and ends we have yet to sort. Frankly, it is embarrassing! This room should really be a place that we can organize our bills and receipts, a place for arts and crafts, and one that if I need to find something, I know right where it is. I feel that making over this room would help us feel more organized and and give us the freedom to utilize the space as it is intended. Who wants to pay bills when you have to step over things just to get to the desk?!

  9. My sewing space was once an organized, peaceful place where I could create to my heart’s content. This was where I created gifts for my friends and family. Now it is a jumbled mess that makes me want to run and hide. I would love to feel creative and be able to show gratitude again.

  10. Our Kitchen/Living space would be the space I would choose. We have a small house with allot of people and we’re all home all day as I homeschool. I’ve tried a million things and still feel like we’re living in a constant state of chaos! I long for a simpler way, it must exist right?!

  11. We would most like to have our kitchen made over. It is a small kitchen which makes it difficult to make it most efficient to our needs. Not easy to rearrange so that I am totally utilizing all the space in the best way possible. I enjoy cooking and entertaining so it would be a joyous gift to have my kitchen magically rearranged to support my favorite hobby which is cooking for family and friends. Thank you, Ellen Kreider

  12. Our office / guest room is in great need of your help. The stress of having no organization in our office is quite overwhelming. I pray God will intervene here and make our Christmas a less stress year to go into. With your company I believe we can make a difference in our life and tackle the rest of the house!!

  13. Thank you for giving this gift to someone Julie!

    We are taking a huge leap of faith in our lives. It came to me one day at work, without warning, that I need to leave my job and focus on building a richer, fuller, family centered life. The message was so strong, I acted immediately and my last day will be the end of the year. So here we are with our leap of faith, slowly crafting a plan. The first step will be starting a business with evening work hours so that we can continue supporting one parent to be home with our son before and after school. A space in our garage dedicated to business storage and organization will be needed. Currently, our garage is reflective of our overworked, exhausted life: full, chaotic and overwhelming. We are envisioning creating space in our garage / work space reflective of our vision in our new life: accessible, organized and open.

  14. I would love to have our bedroom organized! We gave our boys the master bedroom and my husband and I share the small room. We have never managed to make it work and now it’s just become a dumping ground for laundry and piles of things to “put away”.
    Thank you for doing this and Merry Christmas!
    Carolina Barr

  15. I recently moved from 1100 square feet to 711 square feet and my bedroom has become a junk heap full of left over items from my office. My computer desk is now in the living room and I need the bedroom to be organized as a back up office area instead of a junk heap!

  16. My soap room could use some serious help. It has become a dumping ground for everything I need to get out of the dining room; not so easy to use for making my soaps in any more.

  17. My office. This room was designated to be my office/craft room when we moved in 4 years ago and that has never really happened. It was supposed to be a place of calm, creativity and quiet place of serenity to work and instead became the catch all room.

  18. Hi Julie,
    All the rooms in my parents house could use a makeover. I think that having one room done would give them the enthusiasm to keep the progress rolling. I know they feel overwhelmed by the process so it would make a difference in their peace of mind. I would love for them to win this contest and enjoy a relaxing organized space.
    Happy New Year,
    Mary Ellen Hobbs

  19. I have seen magazines where women create in a beautiful, functional, organized, inspiring space. Without assistance, I just can’t seem to obtain that in the room I’ve set aside. Obtaining the peace and order in this space would change my outlook. I’m stuck. If this area could be completed, I believe I could move on to the other areas that need control. Thank you for your consideration. I’m looking forward to the new start for the New Year.

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