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One Room Organizing Giveaway!


It’s the holiday season and we want to bless one lucky person with a one room organizing giveaway! We will spend one day with you transforming your space, finding practical solutions, and clearing the clutter. What better way to kickoff the new year?

To Enter: Please answer the following question in the comment section of this particular blog post. Keep it short!

Question: What room in your home is in need of a makeover and how would this make a difference for you?

The Rules: One entry per person please. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email on Dec. 22nd!  Area restrictions apply (Whatcom County only).  Organizing product sold separately.


  1. Walk in closet/dressing room! My home looks pretty good on the outside and as you enter rooms, but, boy, enter my walk in closest and it is a disaster! My husband’s side is fairly ordering, but mine needs a lot of help!

  2. My need is help in organizing my parent’s living/dining room in their lovely retirement home. While we sibs have attempted to condense their belongings from a six bedroom home to a 600 sq ft space, we know we could do a better job with the available space.
    It would be great to bless our parents with YOUR expertise and help!
    Our parents would feel more comfortable in the apartment with purposeful, yet attractive organization.

  3. Our “backroom” needs so much help- it’s used as a resource, exercise, gift wrap, game, storage, etc room. If this room were organized I think I would be so much more efficient as a wife, mom, friend, ministry leader, blogger, :-).

  4. I would love to have my kitchen organized. We moved into our house seven years ago and what was put in drawers and cupboards at that time is still there – just more jumbled and in disarray. I always had the intention of putting things where they should go and what makes sense but somehow with kids sports and school activities, a full-time job and just plain life – it never happened. I am embarrassed to entertain because when my guests open up cupboards and drawers it is a mess and i can never find anything. I usually end up buying more stuff because I can’t find things which then results in multiples of things. Now that my oldest daughter is at college and my youngest is a junior, I would really love to get some order in my life and getting my kitchen organized would be a great start! It is the activity hub of our home and if it would make all the difference in the world if I were to come home and know exactly where everything was and to open up a drawer or cupboard and have it be organized.

  5. Our bonus room over the garage has so much potential , but right now is being used for the treadmill and the accompanying TV, and storage of holiday decorations etc. Thankfully we do use the treadmill regularly, however, I would love to see it more family friendly and purposeful. I needs a clearer vision and plan.

  6. I’ve always struggled with keeping my small office space organized. I dread having to hang on to important tax paperwork, which I’ve never had a good system for, and wish I could just throw it all away. Ach!

  7. The playroom is a large area of our house that could be used more efficiently. It is used as the catch all. If they spent more time in it, it would free up my living room and increase my sanity:)

  8. Hello,
    I moved three times last year and I am very tired of that. My bedroom is still not organized. I would appreciate help with this room.

    Thank you,
    Sincerely, Jamie Jedinak

  9. Our biggest problem area is our bedroom. It is small with very little storage everything that comes through our bedroom door gets set somewhere and we don’t have a real place for things to go. It is supposed to be a place of peace and a sanctuary, instead it’s a mess and in chaos. It would make a huge difference for my husband and I to feel at ease in our room instead of wanting to run from it.

  10. I would love to have my craft room/office organized. It is a small space and quickly becomes full of piles of paperwork and artwork. If it were to have a makeover, we could actually use this room and it wouldn’t make me want to shut the door every time I walk past it! Thank you!

  11. Since my husband passed away, I have struggled to become organized again–but it is mostly a struggle with little result. There is one sitting room/office that has become the repository of everything that is too confusing to figure out. The main question is when/what to let go. I feel the weight of the confusion, & it would make a big difference to experience clarity. A blessed Christmas to all of you.

  12. Julie ~ you know me and you know what I am in need of!!! Well I always need my life to be organized.
    What Room ~ the Up Stairs Room. THE ROOM that I keep the door shut and get mad if hubby goes in there…. he really dislikes messes (and that is always an argument waiting to happen)
    I hope you are doing well!! Blessings!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Hugs, Megan

    AKA by your hubby “Bob Barker” or “Ma Barker” Chan’s little sister 🙂

  13. Our bedroom in the garage has been locked up for years.
    The kids are all grown, yet there are many items in that room that belong to them or are memories. Our daughter and her three children have moved in with us and we really need that space back. We are crowded in the house & I just cannot seem to get to that space to reclaim it. It’s a job for more than one person. It’s really a job for Organized At Last!

  14. My teenage daughter’s bedroom needs you! It is astounding how large of a negative impact this small space has on her life – and our family’s lives.

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