OAL Home Tour: Liz

Liz Home 1

Welcome to our home!  A newly constructed one-bedroom apartment with floor to ceiling windows, urban design and contemporary finishes.  My husband and I are in our second year of marriage, and adjusting to a new life together has been a wonderful adventure that has brought us closer.  Decorating our apartment has been part of the fun of melding our lives together as a new family; finding creative yet inexpensive solutions to create a home we enjoy together and entertain in.

Liz Home 15

At 780 square feet, our storage spaces are very limited, so we’ve taken that as an opportunity, and to be honest sometimes a steep challenge, to keep life simple and eliminate clutter.  We’ve had to be creative and thoughtful in decorating and organizing our space, to make it into the space we want.

Liz Home 11

You’ve heard the saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”? I’ll share with you just a few fun finds as well as a few treasures that were a steal of a deal!

Liz Home 4

LIz Home 3

I love our bookshelf.  We use it  to display our travel memorabilia and it also serves to help define our dining room area.  It was scratched and covered in spider webs, but for $25, I couldn’t pass it up!  I actually bought it to hang as a giant headboard, but when my husband put it against the wall in our dining room to keep it out of the way, we realized how perfect it was for the space.

Liz Home 2

Liz Home 16

Liz Home 6

Liz Home 13

We used an old twin bed headboard  as a TV stand ($20).  We needed something narrow that would hug the wall in our cozy living room.  It’s also a perfect home for our favorite movies and shows.

Liz Home 12

Liz Home 7

Not everything was upcycled or previously used.  We also undertook a few projects or found deals to add fresh design to our space.

Liz Home 9

We created handmade pendant lamps for our bedside for under $20 each (a fun Valentine’s Day project we did together) and added simple white, sheer curtains to bring in a little privacy while making the most of our wonderful 9 foot ceilings and expansive windows along with a DIY pallet board painting (gathered wood from a friend and leftover paint).

Liz Home 10

As you see, little by little, we’re introducing fun, creative pieces to make our space a lovely home.  Thanks for stopping by!