Looking Ahead

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Summer is almost over and for those of you who still have school age kids, the fall craziness is just beginning…that is, if you let it.

My kids are grown now, so as far as I’m concerned as long as the sun is shining it’s still summer.  In fact, every weekend I keep saying this might be our last sunny weekend for awhile so we better take advantage of it!

Today, I have been reflecting a bit on my crazy summer and thinking about the fact that while our kids are growing, we often say we don’t have time for things like planning nutritious meals, organizing our homes, caring for ourselves, or even having fun. My hope is to spend some time blogging this fall about a few of these topics and I would love feedback from some of you.  Especially those of you who I know read my blog but never say a word.  What information would you find most helpful?

Lately my life has been full of health challenges, moves of family members, renovations, learning to eat even more healthy than I have been for the past 35 years, and continuing my life’s passion and work as a professional organizer.

A few blog ideas I’m thinking about include simple meal ideas and consignment shopping. I want to share why I think consignment/second hand shopping is so incredible. I also want show my room makeover pictures as well as many of the outfits I wear that are created with my consignment purchases.

I also hope to share with you some of my favorite new organizing ideas. The older I get the more passionate I become about organizing.  I spend time in the homes of so many different people and I’m still convinced that systems that work can really save families hundreds of hours. Organizing does require a commitment and follow through, but I know first-hand that the benefits are lifelong and life changing!

If you have some thoughts, I’d love to hear them.  If you are ready to begin this fall in a new direction then consider joining me in my home for The Simply Organized Home class and Photo Organizing class. We currently have only one spot left in the Organized Home Class, but we’re working on adding another date in October. If you would like to join me for a private class please call or email me anytime.  I’m excited to hear from some of you!

The secret of happiness you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”          -Don Millman