E-Organization: CD’s & DVD’s

Guest Blogger: Becca Newboles works for Julie as an assistant and organizer. Check out her profile here.

If you’re like me, you love music and movies. I’ve been looking for a way to store them without it looking cluttered and taking up valuable space in my home. I also wanted the ability to quickly skim through and find the right artist or genre. And in so many homes, I see DVD cases strewn about after children or family members are done watching them. After doing some research, here is what we came up with. We are so happy with the results!

CD/DVD Binders

1. Count Your CDs or DVDs. Donate any that you or your kids rarely watch. This will decide how many binders you purchase – my binders hold on average of 80-90 CDs or DVDs.

2. Purchase Sturdy Binders. If you have kids, buy something that will survive every day wear and tear. These binders are from Russell and Hazel. At $25 a piece, they are a bit pricey, but so worth it. They are reinforced, have a thick rubber band for secure closure, and come in many colors.

DVD BinderRussell and Hazel Signature 3-Ring Binder

3. Purchase CD/DVD Inserts. Out of everything I found, these Walmart ones are the best and only $10/pack! They hold 8 CDs/DVDs per page.

DVDOrganizers DVDBinderOpen

4. Categorize Your CDs or DVDs. If you have a large quantity set aside time to do this. I spent a few hours one afternoon to complete this entire project. I bought four binders to hold all of my DVDs and labeled them accordingly:

  • Romance/Comedy
  • Action/Adventure
  • Kids/Classics
  • TV Shows

5. Insert and Label. Once you have your categories, start putting them into their coordinating binders. I also alphabetized them in each binder. Don’t forget to label!

DVD Binders

6. Discard Cases. I had two large boxes full of empty DVD cases when I was finished. Check with your local recycling company to see if they will take them or your local library!

Success! Now everything is contained and labeled. I eliminated an entire piece of furniture in my home with this process.

We would love to hear how you store your DVDs and CDs!