Creating Space for What Really Matters!

Our friends at Decorating Your Life have had quite a year so far for their “Our Year of Wellness” journey! A beautiful year of inspiration, knowledge and community to influence us towards embracing wellness in all aspects of our lives including: nutrition, fitness, emotional health, finances, community, and spirituality. And here it is…Fall…the time when school begins and we can focus on getting a fresh start, developing better routines and habits, returning to regular mealtimes, and getting our life and home organized.

Please join me on Wednesday, September 27th, 7-9pm at the Squalicum Boathouse as we gather to unwind from summer craziness and to gear up for a more structured fall. Learn new ways to create space in your home and heart, and how focusing on just a few things can have great impact on your overall wellness. Mental health, rest and sleep, real food, and regular exercise are all important. Getting organized means that you’ll have time for what adds value–and years–to your life.

Happy Fall and I hope to see some of you there!

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Organized at Last - Julie Clarke