Fall 2012


Fall is in the air!

As summer winds down and we begin preparing for a new school year the pace of life increases. Creating a bit of order now will keep chaos from reigning in your home.

Here are a few of my favorite tips for getting organized for a new school year.

Prioritize: Set goals-what is most important to you, your spouse and your kids? You can’t do it all so determine together what you will do and focus your energies there.

Plan Ahead: We can’t anticipate everything but we can be prepared for so much. School schedules/events, sports, lessons, work, meals, chores, exercise and family time. A little planning and organization can make a big difference as you prepare for fall.

A few things you can do with your kids as summer comes to a close:

  • Sort kids clothing and eliminate anything they don’t like or that no longer fits them.
  • Declutter bedrooms…yours and theirs. Nothing complicates life more than unnecessary clutter.
  • Establish a drop zone for backpacks, sports bags, shoes etc. to keep them from being deposited all over the house.
  • Create a family/life management area (I usually recommend somewhere in the kitchen).
  • Use a bulletin board or magnetic board to track schedules, lists, reminders for each family member.

Play: People often complain that there is little time for fun in their life because so much of life is structured. Remember that you are in control of your schedule and if you don’t like it, change it!

Giving Back!

Blue Skies for Children is a local nonprofit which sponsors enrichment programs and other essentials for homeless, low-income and foster children in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. You can learn more about how they invest in the community by visiting http://www.blueskiesforchildren.org/ or calling (360) 756-6710.

Organized at Last Fall Classes

The Simply Organized Home- $95
Thursday, September 20th 9:00am- 2:30pm

Organizing Paperwork Permanently- $45
Wednesday, October 3rd 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Simplifying the Holidays- $45
Monday, November 5th 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Private classes are currently available. Contact Organized at Last to customize a class for you, your friends and family. With 7 guests, your registration is FREE!

Summer Garage Special

Does your garage look like this?  


There’s no better time to organize your garage than this summer,

especially with our special pricing of 20% off! You’ll get:

*1 Hour Garage Consultation, value $100

*3 Professional Organizers for five hours, value $775


            -Clearing space by moving items out of the garage to be sorted

            -Sorting items into appropriate categories

            -Cleaning the space (does not include deep cleaning)

            -Determining appropriate storage solutions

            -Organizing, labeling, and returning items to the space


*Removal of unwanted items, value approx. $125

(Includes charitable donations drop-off, consignment of household goods.

Income from consigned items will directly benefit the client.

Does not include removal of garbage and recycling)


 Total value: $1000

Package Price: $800     Save 20%!


Great Use of a Snow Day


As most of you know, Whatcom County has been blanketed in snow for the last few days.  I love the snow and am enjoying spending time outdoors on long walks.  I also have enjoyed working indoors on some of my own organizing projects (I never get tired of it!)

One of the things I love to do for myself and for my clients is to repurpose spaces and furnishings that we already own.  I recently moved a book shelf into my bathroom to hold my towels.  I also moved a desk into my spare bedroom to create a nice office space and I added a lamp to my kitchen counter to bring in more style and light.  It didn’t cost me a penny, and I have some great, fresh new spaces.

The OAL team would love to help you do the same!  We are gearing up for our winter quarter classes, The Simply Organized Home, Meal Planning Made Easy, and Organizing Paperwork Permanently.  Come learn some of our best organizing ideas and tips to simplify your daily life.  Visit the Classes and Workshops page on our site for more information.

Also, don’t forget to tune in to A&E’s Hoarders Show on Monday, January 23 to hopefully see the OAL team!  Check your local listing for times for the episode about “Carrie”.

5 Tips to Simplify the Holidays


5 Tips to Simplify the HolidaysHere are some ideas for making space for Christmas to be more meaningful.Think about your favorites:  It’s so easy to get lost in the busy-ness of Christmas, between the cookie exchanges, craft fairs, pageants, and other programs.  Take time to really think about what events are important to you, and don’t overbook yourself or your family.

Give the gift of an experience:  Offer to take some of your close friends out for lunch or a day at the spa instead of buying gifts, or take your family on a trip.  It will be more memorable and leave less clutter afterward.

Make room for the new:  A great rule of thumb in keeping an organized household is to get rid of two items for every one item you bring home.  In a season of buying new coats and cold weather accessories, pass your old ones on to someone in need.  (The Lighthouse Mission here in Bellingham is always open to donations, see below).

Shift your focus:  This is a way to bring peace to your own life, but also a reminder of what Christmastime really should be; a season of giving.  So take your eyes off the stuff that you need to get done, the list that’s controlled your life all month, and take a look at the world around you.  Think of those in need, and give as you can, play with your kids, make time for people.  When all is said and done, you’ll feel a lot better than if you had simply checked every time off your list.

Accept help:  Let your kids help with mailing out Christmas cards and baking cookies.  Let guests bring dishes when they come over.  Accept people’s offers to let them know if you need help with anything.  And if you’re still overwhelmed, call the girls at Organized at Last.  We’d love to come help you get caught up and organized so you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

Giving Back: Lighthouse Mission. For the glory of God, the Lighthouse Mission Ministries ministers to needy men, women, and children through the provision of compassionate services in the name of Jesus Christ.  Funded 100% by private donations, they rely on contributions from individuals, businesses, and churches in our community.  Visit www.thelighthousemission.org for more info.